5 Advantages Of Print Advertising for 2023

We know it seems like the print media is dying, but guess what? It’s not!

Although some people think of print advertising as an outdated form of marketing, it is still surviving and has proven its effectiveness for many businesses worldwide. Being the oldest form of marketing, print advertising has helped thousands of businesses reach their target audience and convert them into customers.

Technology may have affected the usage of print advertising to a certain extent, but it still has the power to cater to the needs of various businesses. Apart from technology, the Covid-19 pandemic also contributed to declining print media usage. But let’s talk about 2023, when the world returns to its normal routine.

Businesses are looking for effective ways to reach audiences and expect quick growth in the near future to compensate for the losses during the pandemic. Here comes the role of print advertising that shares equivalent responsibility with digital marketing.

The following advantages of print advertising highlight its utility in 2023.

  1. Reaching a More Focused Audience

Despite smartphones being ubiquitous, many consumers prefer to make buying decisions offline. Knowing your audience that wishes to receive promotional materials through print instead of digitally is valuable information. It helps increase conversions since you can reach the target audience more effectively through print.

In 2023, this process will help businesses stay ahead of their competitors. Print advertising enables businesses to collaborate with other entities to promote their printed ads. A protein supplement brand can benefit from displaying its brochures at a gym. Thus companies can reach new audiences.

  1. Trusted by Consumers

The International News Media Association conducted a survey which found that the majority of Internet users trusted print ads as compared to other ads, particularly digital. It is also observed that most people respond to print advertising, whereas very few respond to digital marketing. 

Why do people trust printed ads over digital ads? The increasing volume of scams in the digital age is the major reason behind people trusting print ads. The higher chances of scams force consumers not to trust digital marketing. Thus, to become a trusted brand, businesses will prefer print advertising in 2023.

  1. Staying in Front for Longer

Unlike email marketing, there’s no spam folder or a promotions tab for your print advertising which is a major benefit. A great email campaign ending in a customer’s spam folder will not deliver results. Whereas print advertising ends up right in your customers’ hands.

Digital marketing allows consumers to scroll past ads, but print adverting provides a tangible item consumers can keep. For example, people can put flyers on their tables to remember a sale. Also, consumers who don’t use the printed ad may give it to their friend, thus increasing brand awareness.

  1. Greater Visibility and a Multisensory Experience

Print advertising enjoys greater visibility and allows your brand to stand out and be seen. Imagine reading a magazine or a newspaper; doesn’t it engage multiple of your senses? You can see the vibrant colors popping from the pages. You can feel the texture and weight of the paper while holding the magazine or newspaper. You can also hear pages flip or crinkle while turning them. 

Last but not least, you can even smell the ink. In 2023, your business can enhance your readers’ experience with your advertisements. Thus, creating emotional connections and deep memories with print advertising.

  1. More Flexibility and Options

Print ads enable businesses to specifically target their audience. You can personally choose the section of the magazine or newspaper your audience is most likely to read. You can run ads in specialty magazines or papers that get delivered to particular geographic locations in your area.

Apart from these options, print advertising allows you to customize your campaigns to fit your budget with options like full-page, half-page, and quarter-page ads. Also, you’ll work with a human being while buying your ad space in print advertising, and there’s no need to rely on an online algorithm to decide where your ads should live.

You need to add print advertising to your marketing mix in 2023 to gain these advantages for your business. The most important part is that your ad needs to be eye-catching and we can help you design yours.

If you plan to reach your target audience through print advertising and need expert graphic design, along with marketing advice, reach us at NAx2 CREATIVE.