Email marketing has long been one of the premier channels through which leads are nurtured, customers are engaged, and business growth is driven. This was true in 2007, and it’s true in 2017 – despite what some people may say about email being irrelevant.

Whether you’re in brand management, blog management, graphic design, or website design, email marketing can help build your business. Here are 5 reasons why email marketing is still important in 2017.

1. Emails Build Your Customer Relationships

Emails are an immediate way to connect with a specific customer. If a customer gives you their email on an online form or a landing page, they’re ready to connect.

With a smart, well-crafted email marketing campaign, you can convert that lead into a customer with very little effort – just a few great emails with some great content and information about your products or services.

2. Social Media Apps Are Overcrowded – And Ever-Changing

When was the last time you went to Facebook and things were the same as they were yesterday? The constant innovation that social media companies love is not great for marketing – ad placements and algorithms are constantly changing, and redesigns may mean that your ad doesn’t get prime placement.

In addition, everyone and their dog is using social media marketing – making it overcrowded and expensive.

3. Everyone Checks Their Email

What’s the first thing you do in the morning, or when you get to the office? Well, besides pouring a cup of coffee. You check your email! Email is how business gets done – no matter what new messaging app is hot on the market.

Everyone does this. 66% of online consumers access their email accounts multiple times a day, and almost everyone checks their email at least once per day. Given how often consumers check their messages, it would be crazy to not take advantage of this behavior.

4. Email Marketing Is Inexpensive

Email marketing is extremely cost-efficient. Creating email lists by using smart landing pages, and giveaways of ebooks and whitepapers remains very cost-effective. Even buying email lists from others can be a great way to bring in consumers who are already interested in your products or services. And that means extremely high conversion rates – the holy grail of internet marketing!

5. Email Effectiveness Can Be Easily Measured

Each email you send can be analyzed and A/B tested, and its performance can be measured against previous email marketing campaigns.

This makes it easy to craft engaging emails and measure email performance, and gives you strong metrics by which you can track the effectiveness of a particular email marketing campaign.

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