NAx2 Creative by the Numbers

Because, even if I don’t like math… I know numbers are important, too

years experience working in retail design
0 +
hosted websites
designed logos
clients served since 2011
of marketing materials in my portfolio
0 's
small business startups
websites designed
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Nikolas + Nathan, my boys = NAx2
2 Boys

…and counting!

Hello! I'm Melanie Amorim

Founder of NAx2 Creative, Graphic Designer + mom of 2 boys!

I love all things design, marketing, helping businesses with professional design services and eye-catching digital campaigns.

Your business needs design and strategic marketing

Proudly serving clients in Southeastern Massachusetts and all over the world!

If you’re looking for someone to…

  • Create a professional and functioning corporate identity for your online or local business, so you can confidently market yourself…
  • Design a fully responsive WordPress website or e-commerce shop, without the design headache, who can guide you with what’s best…
  • Refresh your social media platforms with eye-catching and engaging content, because social media is a monster you don’t want to deal with…
  • Print high-quality marketing collateral, like posters, shirts, window decals, and more, to increase brand awareness and visibility…
  • Be your right-hand woman for all your business designs, who has 25+ years of experience…

No problem!

I know how to get it done…

  • Working in retail design since 1997, I can format any logo and design you need, to go anywhere you want it to. Really, just ask!
  • Counting on my experience working with tight deadlines, I make sure the design process is efficient and productive, so you keep business moving along.
  • As a senior designer, I’ve created and managed teams, small businesses, and start-ups with their design processes. You can count on me.
  • Working in different industries and markets, I am an outside of the box thinker and can provide creative solutions to tackle your design problems.
  • Valuing determination and hard work, I believe in getting stuff done and if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Have a crazy idea or a question? Just ask.

We can figure it out, together.

I’ve always been a hard worker, someone who can be given a task, get it done swiftly, adding in creative flair where I see fit. In 1997, I started working full-time in a retail design position and gained incomparable experience designing print collateral and marketing material for small/medium sized businesses. While working, I started freelancing and growing what is now, NAx2 Creative.

I’ve worked through everything – personal setbacks, start-up business hurdles and the economic recession, to create the lifestyle I wanted along with supporting my two boys, Nikolas and Nathan (the inspiration behind the name NAx2 Creative).

In 2018, I broke free from an office job through hard work and perseverance, to get to where I am today – running NAx2 Creative full-time. I work with a robust group of clients in different industries and niches, all while still being there for my boys and able to include travel in my lifestyle.

I can give my clients any and all design needs they ask for, whether it’s logo creation, print design, websites, social media, or other graphic design projects, if it’s got to do with marketing and your logo – I can do it, just ask!

Ready to get to work?