Client Spotlight – StayGreen Irrigation

StayGreen Irrigation provides dependable, year-round irrigation services and maintenance. Based out of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, StayGreen has been in business since 1995, providing exceptional, uniquely personalized services with a high degree of customer satisfaction. Having come a long way, they decided to revamp their look and gait and give their thriving business a face-lift.

Well-crafted designs are the visual cornerstone of a Brand. They inspire trust and instant recognition in their target market and hence are crucial elements in Brand-building. Recognizing this, StayGreen wanted to build their complete repertoire of designs with our help.

NAx2 Creative managed StayGreen’s graphic design needs by collaborating with them to design and produce their entire design range for marketing purposes, adhering to their branding guide, keeping the tone fresh and uniform in all of them.

Vehicle Graphics:

Vehicle Graphics is an effective way of brand marketing by utilizing existing space and exploiting advertising at its best. Using efficient design applications is key to achieving long-lasting vehicle graphics. We managed StayGreen’s vehicular graphic design needs by keeping true to the spirit of their service and making the graphic design stand out even in traffic.

T-shirt Graphic Design

When people wear a T-shirt with a brand image printed onto it, they become a walking billboard for that brand. T-shirt graphic design and advertising is a secret weapon in brand marketing. StayGreen took this into its arsenal by having us design a set of T-shirt graphics that could get their brand across to common people.

Print Design

Handheld brochures and print media are perhaps the closest, advertising could get to a person, physically. Creating effective print advertising can attract potential customers by increases brand awareness. NAx2 Creative created StayGreen’s entire Print collateral including Print Ads, Proposal Forms, Brochures and Visiting cards, keeping the tone faithful to StayGreen’s Brand.

Website Design and Blog Content Creation

Building an online identity starts with building a great website and that’s what StayGreen wanted. We helped them build a unique and competent website, that was consistent with their brand. The website design and build brought out their message and positioning in such a way, that helped with their brand marketing.

Social Media Marketing

StayGreen wanted to reach out to a larger market and establish their web presence through an effective social media marketing strategy. NAx2 Creative helped them make the shift and provide a sound base for their brand marketing, attracting new potential customers and increasing visibility.

Edward Tufte once said: “Great design is not democratic; it comes from great designers. If the standard is lousy, then develop another standard.

Large companies, such as StayGreen, often adhere to a set of rules commonly known as style guides or branding guides. NAx2 Creative had them applied uniformly across their marketing, using them both externally for targeted brand marketing and internally to give a sense of community to the employees. StayGreen was given an identity and voice that was refreshing and instantly recognizable head and shoulders above the crowd.