As a designer, there are a lot of essentialities that one should possess. These things are not just essential for a designer whilst they work in office, but they are important while they work from home as well. so what are these “basic” things that every designer must have? And to be honest, they add up to your style as well. What are designers for? Adding trend and style to everything they place their hands on. So what are the “must haves” for every graphic designer? Find about it here.

  1. Sketch Book:

No matter how much advance we get, all the designers know this-a sketchbook remains one of the top most priorities for them. You cannot always sit on the big screen and make your eyes hurt…and yes it kills the brain as well. So the best thing to do is to get a break from it and maybe doodle something on it?
Apart from escaping the 25 inch screen…your proposals are always seen in the drawn method.

  1. King of Drawing-A Wacom Tablet:

If you have been a graphic designer for quite some time now, then you certainly know about this. A Wacom tablet can change your life for sure. For graphic designers, this is the most loyal and reliable tablet and it works like the extension of the designer’s arm.
It makes sketching really easy and the use of Illustrator and Photoshop a right hand game.

  1. Social Media Tools:

Social media is really important once you entering the designing field. Yes! You need to promote your work on all different social media websites and platforms. This also helps in gaining new contacts and gets work from some of the people who appreciate it. You never know what handful of projects you might receive? There are many social media tools which help you engage with different people, on different platforms with you and your work.

  1. Strength to Face Competition:

What is a field of designing without some competition? Actually, competition is very healthy for your work and once you enter the world of graphics-you cannot be without experiencing serious competition. There is actually nothing better than the raged young blood, to work best of all, in the market. And that is what keeps you going.
If you do not have the strength to face competition than you can hardly survive in the world of graphic designing.

  1. Time Tracking Application:

Not any designer should be without a good time tracking app! There are many apps out there but Freshbooks keep you going well. This app helps you in managing time across your clients, projects and other major tasks. It gives you the power to handle things in time and add in more clients if you wish to. It makes life easier. You know what you are doing when and how much time you have to dedicate to anything else.
So, you now know that having these basic things can make you work comprehensively and make you a better designer as well. Somethings are always good to gain.