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Client Spotlight: Designs for Life

Client Spotlight – Canna Care Docs Canna Care Docs, a division of MedEVal Corp., qualifies patients into medical marijuana programs in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Canna Care Docs is committed to the medicinal benefits cannabis supplementation brings to people’s health-related problems providing a holistic solution whereby a […]

Mobile Is King – The Top Reasons Your Website Needs To Support Responsive Design

Are you reading this on a desktop computer? The numbers don’t lie – you’re probably not! Nearly 60% of searches come from mobile devices, as well as over 50% of all combined web traffic. And it’s easy to see why. Smartphones and tablets are extremely convenient – and the best internet-connected device is always going […]

NAx2 – Ready for you!

I’m excited to share with you the launch of NAx2 Creative – a new innovative creative marketing agency and online print resource created by Melanie Amorim. NAx2 Creative is dedicated to developing unique brand identities for businesses like yours.   Branding is in our DNA… We have vision, and we bring that vision to every brand we work with. Our […]

What Makes a Great Logo?

There’s a lot more to your brand than just a logo, but for many companies, it’s the first step in cultivating a consistent and appealing brand identity. Good graphic design is about more than just aesthetics: it’s also about meaning. Your logo is a symbol that embodies who you are and what you stand for. […]