Creative and Cost-Friendly Spring Marketing Ideas

The weather is turning warm, and the snow is starting to melt away from areas all over the country. Yes, spring is upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to power up your marketing machine. There are several ideas and ways to freshen up your marketing with a spring flavor.

Website Maintenance and/or Redesign

Does your website look weird? Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your house and office. There are often significant clean up actions you can take with your website. For example, you can redesign it to take visitors and potential customers through a journey of fresh images and pleasant thoughts. 

Does your website act weird? Just like your phone and your computer, WordPress is constantly updating its operating system and plugins on the backend.

Whether you worked with me to build your new website, or you had your WordPress website built by someone else proper upkeep is essential for protecting your website. Problems like broken contact forms, errors loading pages, or WordPress plugins that break can also detract from the User Experience (UX) and make your website more difficult to use. That can cost you customers.

Creative Promotional Tie-Ins

There’s a plethora of holidays and fun days related to the spring season. We just missed Siblings Day and Grilled Cheese Day! Did you know today is Scrabble Day?!  

On Friday, you can combine Eggs Benedict Day with Wear Pajamas to Work Day (wait, hasn’t that been everyday) ?!

Your company can take advantage of the festivities by offering special products and deals inherently tied to the days of celebration during the spring. People love a great deal, and they love celebrating the spirit of the season, so take this time to create some memorable and intriguing promotional tie-ins to attract customers and celebrate the season.

New Outdoor Signage

Creating new and exciting outdoor signage is a specialty of the spring season. Let the change in the weather focus your thinking and muster a creative burst of energy from your company. Spring signage is fun because it can be colorful, but it’s also practical because it catches the eye and turns heads. Physical locations need all of the help they can get this year, and you can start your year off right by creating some new and exciting signage for your business.

Refresh and/or Redesign Your Logo

Finally, take your company’s game up a notch by creating an all new and eye-popping logo. Spring is the time of reinvention and reinvigoration, so start the year off by designing a logo which demonstrates what your company is and what it does in a way that many people have seen before. You can go minimalist or get more creative with a robust and detailed design; either way, spring is the perfect time to rethink your image and bring people to your company through your stellar and creative design skills.

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