Here’s a question for you: what’s the world’s second largest search engine. We all know that Google is number one, but who’s the runner up? Is it Bing? Yahoo? Altavista?

It’s none of the above. Believe it or not, the world’s #2 search engine is Youtube. Founded in 2005, as Internet speeds were becoming capable of handling streaming video, the platform has grown exponentially. Acquired by Google in 2006, it has only continued to grow. Popular YouTube personalities like Pewdiepie make millions of dollars from ad revenue, and over 5 billion videos are viewed every single day. Used by over a billion people worldwide, Youtube is an Internet titan.

For brands, Youtube provides some excellent opportunities for creative marketing strategies that bring in traffic, sales, and ultimately, profits. With quality content and the right promotional strategies, Youtube videos can be an excellent way to connect with your target audience.

Promotion and Optimization: The Keys to Youtube Success

Youtube is a valuable tool, but it’s a competitive market. As you’ve seen in the statistics linked above, there are a lot of videos going up constantly. Every minute, over 300 hours of video are uploaded. That’s a lot of content, and your audience only has so much time to watch videos. So how do you stand out from the crowd and get views in such a crowded marketplace?

Having great content is crucial, but you also need to make sure your audience finds that content. That’s where optimization comes in. Just as SEO best practices help your audience find your website and your blog content through Google, SEO for Youtube helps make sure people can find your video. There are a few ways that you can optimize for more views:

Take Your Creative Marketing to the Next Level Through Multimedia

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