Client Spotlight – Canna Care Docs

Canna Care Docs, a division of MedEVal Corp., qualifies patients into medical marijuana programs in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Canna Care Docs is committed to the medicinal benefits cannabis supplementation brings to people’s health-related problems providing a holistic solution whereby a compliant system of administering medical marijuana in clinical qualities is put in place. A qualified professional is employed to qualify patients in a safe and non-judgemental manner, to come up with a marijuana treatment schedule for their particular health condition. Canna Care Docs needed to give their brand, a visual component that thoroughly echoes their ethics and practices.

NAx2 Creative managed Canna Care Doc’s’ graphic design needs by collaborating with them to design and produce their entire graphic design range such as signages and print collateral for marketing purposes, adhering to their branding guide, keeping the true to their requirements.


Signages are a set of signs or symbols created in order to relay simple messages to a particular audience visually. So they inherently need to be both simple and instantly comprehensible. NAx2 Creative created signages for a variety of Canna Care Doc’s needs, keeping it in line with their color codes and general operational standards.

Print Collateral:

It is the general requirement of high-functional companies to keep the tone of their graphics and presentation, uniform and consistent even in the materials used within their enterprise. Canna Care Docs wanted to infuse their particular brand guide into all their print collateral. NAx2 Creative designed their entire range of print collateral including Patient Handbooks, Brochures, Pamphlets, Visiting Cards, while adhering to their very specific brand requirements, giving it an innovative edge while keep the branding uniform in appearance.

Promotional Products:

Promotional products provide value and information while associating that value to the brand, bringing it to the front. A well designed promotional product gives that edge to the brand that is providing said value. Canna Care Docs decided to run several campaigns such a Boston Freedom Rally keeping the graphic design element  in mind. NAx2Creative designed their promotional products keeping brand’s voice loud and clear.

Digital Advertising:

When digital advertising takes a design-centric approach, it appears to have an increased impact on the target audience simply because the ability to process visual information is quicker and easier. Keeping this in mind, Canna Care Docs wanted NAx2 Creative to give a design-centric spin to their digital marketing campaigns so that their brand appears coherent and unique amongst their competitors.

“It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and beauty to people’s lives.” – Don Norman

Sure enough Canna Care Docs provides value and joy to people’s lives by providing meticulous care and support, operating with their stellar high standards. NAx2 Creative has just made it more beautiful.