Fall in Love with Your Brand

It’s February, which means Valentine’s Day ❤️️.

Some love it and some avoid it! While it may be optional to love or to avoid Valentine’s Day, when you own a business, falling in love with your brand isn’t discretionary.

What does it mean to fall in love with your brand? You’ve worked hard to start a business and to create products and services. It’s not enough. You must feel passionate about your brand, then nurture it with love. Here are three ways to fall in love with your brand.

  • Make Your Brand Stand Out in a Way You Love
    Have you been in a town with many donut shops? The basic sign on most shops reads “Donuts,” giving the impression that all the shops are the same. There’s no branding. Let’s say a new shop opens sporting a colorful marquee with a logo including two large, delicious-looking donuts. With an intriguing name, Scrumptious Circles, a distinctive design, unique and delicious donuts, branded packaging, and excellent customer service, you can’t wait to return!

    The Scrumptious Circles brand has been carefully cultivated with love. You want that for your brand. You want to stand out and to have your audience to recognize your brand as one they want. Your audience should see your brand and want to visit your website or physical location. You need to love your business so much that you make others love it, too.

Reach Out to the Audience that Will Love Your Brand, Too

  • Don’t Ever Stop Working on Your Love Relationships
    Products are updated.
    New items are added to the market. Services change. Customer needs change, too. In this age of information, stay on top of data produced to tell you what’s working with your brand and what’s not. Focus on what works to keep customers engaged, moving toward purchase, and, showing love through loyalty.

    Don’t forget the personal touch! Reach out to your audience on a regular basis. Refreshing your relationships and your product will renew your love with your brand.

  • Reach Out to the Audience that Will Love Your Brand, Too

    If you love your brand, who else will love it? That’s a complex question that involves research and reaching out. Identify your audience. What type of person would want your product? What are their demographics and their habits? What social media do they use? How can your brand marketing appeal to them?

    Next, develop a strategy that puts your brand square in the face of your audience. Appeal to their emotional need for your products or services. Place ads, signs, social media posts, etc. where your audience will find them. Make sure what you offer meets expectations. Foster a love relationship between your brand and your customers through emails, social media discussion, and other forms of engagement.

At NAx2 Creative, we can help you develop a brand that you love with our logo design services, website design services, social media marketing, print marketing, branded apparel, and more. Contact me online or to request a call to get going on your design!

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