In the digital world, there are multiple file formats available with a variety of different uses. Often, it is easy to struggle with file formats and finding the one that is right for your project. Thankfully, NAx2 is ready to help convert your files to whatever format you need. How do you know which file you need? Refer to the information below, and contact us to begin the process of converting your file. 

PDF: PDF’s are a universal way to share design graphics. Emailing, printing, and scanning are easy to do with a PDF document. This format is also perfect for memos, letterheads, and powerpoint presentations.

PNG: PNG files are an amazing way to send images for web pages. This type of file has a lower resolution than other file formats, so be sure to use this type on websites instead of printed images. 

JPG: JPG’s are one of the most common image file types, saving graphics and colors clearly. Over time, JPG’s compress and lose quality with each save, so try to use it immediately without saving multiple times if you plan on using it. 

AI: AI, or Adobe Illustrator, is the format preferred by designers everywhere. This type of file is versatile, and can be used for website design, banner ads, animations, signage, marketing materials, and more. 

SVG: This type of format supports smaller image files, and can also be used for shorter animations. SVG’s also work well with search engines, which may lead to more clients finding your image. 

EPS: EPS files are perfect for high quality, high-resolution images. An EPS file allows the client to open the file in any design program. Examples of ideal usages for EPS files are business cards, event graphics, flyers, and brochures. 

Regardless of the file format, NAx2 is available to help you pick the right file and convert it accordingly. 

File Formats Explained