Client Spotlight – HELP Inc.

Help Inc, true to their name, help people better adapt to technological solutions that can be fairly intimidating to a large chunk of the population. As technology keeps evolving, so does the need to adapt and when it gets overwhelming that’s where Help Inc comes to the rescue. They help people utilize technological solutions making their life simpler and safer. They deal with Audio/Video Solutions, Monitoring and Security Solutions to Smart Home Solutions, becoming  the one-stop company for a variety clients who want to adapt  technology into their everyday lives without much hassle.

Help Inc has been a longstanding partner to NAx2 Creative,close to 20 years now, trusting us with all of their design needs that were provided to them their specific requirements time and again. NAx2 Creative has managed everything from signage design, vehicle design to various different minor design projects that they required throughout the course of these years.We have also successfully managed their social media campaigns, event promotions, email marketing, showroom kiosk designs and website updates for the past two years faithfully.

Client Case Studies:

In terms of marketing, case Studies provide factual, contextually rich information that can really show the product or service in action, depicting how it can solve a challenge uniquely and deliver desirable results. On the downside it can seem quite drab to the common audience and can quickly lose steam when approached completely on a factual level. NAx2 Creative helps break the monotony of the case studies, peppering it with some graphic design and branding that broke the flow of facts, providing much needed color to context

Custom Designed Editable PDF Forms

Forms that took in information from the clients in an organised fashion was a big part of Help Inc’s standard operating procedures. NAx2 Creative sought to make the process and less cumbersome by making them editable from within the PDF while giving it a touch of color that stayed faithful with their brand image.

Showroom Signage, concepts, design and installation.

Signages are the minimalist components of design, needing information to be relayed with visual imagery. Since a lot of their technological installations needed visual depictions to make the process understandable to laymen, Help Inc wanted it done with complete attention to detail. NAx2 Creative provided Help Inc with all the signage required for their showroom, keeping the graphic designs essentially minimalistic and the overall tone consistent with Help Inc’s Brand.

Digital Presence:

Help Inc wanted an extensive web presence to promote their fantastic enterprise, bringing it to the forefront of their niche. As such, they wanted their email marketing, social media marketing, event planning and website maintenance done with agility with innovation in order to keep up with the times. NAx2 Creative provided a 360 degree solution to all their digital marketing needs keeping in mind to keep all the graphic designs inline with their Brand.

Help Inc has recently, once again, approached us to completely redesign their website to give it a new voice and appearance. NAx2 Creative hopes to continue its fruitful, long-standing partnership with Help Inc by continuing to provide exceptionally unique graphic designs tailored to their needs.