Ideas for Powering Up Your Social Media

Creating a social media page for your brand is the easy part but keeping your followers engaged is where it gets tricky. Following a style guide for your brand is okay, but most people are attracted to new and exciting ideas!

Consider using these trendy content ideas to level up your social media page.

    • Share Positivity

      The world is looking a bit drab for most people. There are many concerns and issues that may be weighing on your followers. Everyone can use a dose of positivity these days.

      Posting a motivational post here and there can put a smile on your followers’ face.

      Show your followers that you are socially aware by posting positive news about your favorite charity or movement.

      Give your followers a good laugh by posting a funny meme or short video.

      • Utilize Polls, Q&A, and Live Features

      Gaining insight about your audience will allow you to learn about your followers and post relevant content.

      Polling is an easy way to see what your followers do and don’t like by asking close-ended questions

      The Q/A feature lets you ask open-ended questions which draws even more information from your followers by giving them more wiggle room to express their opinion.

      Going live establishes a more personal connection with followers by letting them connect to you in real time.

      • Engage Your Followers with a Contest or Giveaway

      This is considered one of the most impactful social media tactics because let’s be honest, everyone’s a sucker for “free”. Not only that, but the rules for a giveaway are fairly simple.

      Most social media pages promote a brand-related giveaway by asking followers to:

      • Promote the brand or product on their page
      • Use a certain hashtag in brand post
      • Tag a few followers under giveaway post
      • Celebrate Holidays

      People love holidays! We go all out for major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas but even participating in the little ones like “National Donut Day” or “International Coffee Day” can boost follower engagement.

      Most of all, this is a great filler for those days when you’re lacking new content.

        Final Thoughts

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