Are you reading this on a desktop computer? The numbers don’t lie – you’re probably not! Nearly 60% of searches come from mobile devices, as well as over 50% of all combined web traffic.

And it’s easy to see why. Smartphones and tablets are extremely convenient – and the best internet-connected device is always going to be the one that’s closest to you all the time.

But what does that mean for businesses? Simply, it means that it’s time to adapt or die – mobile support and responsive design are no longer optional for any business.

If your website doesn’t support mobile users, chances are about half of your potential consumer market isn’t going to be able to fully understand your products or services. Here are the top reasons why your website needs to support responsive mobile design – now.

Responsive Design Adapts To Different Devices

Responsive Design is a catch-all term for websites which “respond” to window sizes by shifting navigation elements, text, and other content to allow any device to access a fully-featured version of a website. Whether you’re using a computer, smartphone, or tablet, a responsive website will look great.

And that’s at the heart of their appeal. You don’t have to design a “mobile” website separately. A web redesign using responsive design standards and practices allows you to have a beautiful website that functions perfectly across every device, and is easier for consumers to understand.

Consumers Expect Responsive Design And Mobile Support

Given how common responsive, mobile-friendly designs are nowadays, most consumers expect their mobile experience to be as fully-featured as their desktop experience – and are disappointed or confused if that’s not the case.

This is especially true of small businesses. Many larger corporations easily made the switch to responsive designs – but small businesses can lag behind, which can drive away customers and mean that you’re missing out on potential sales.

But responsive design is easier and more cost-effective to implement than ever before, so even small businesses can design a website that operates perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Responsive Design Boosts Your SEO Profile

Google has recently announced that responsive design will factor into SEO rankings on their search engine, as will factors like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Processing), a mobile technology that helps web pages load faster.

It’s also easier to implement a comprehensive SEO strategy in a responsive website – you can avoid content duplication, and streamline the URL structure, metadata, and content on your website, making it easier for search engine providers to understand, analyze, and rank.

Nax2 Creative – Your Responsive Design And Web Development Partner

If you’re thinking about implementing responsive design and looking to develop a new website, look no further than Nax2 Creative. We offer comprehensive graphic design and website design services, In addition to email marketing, brand management, and blog management services.

Our team of expert designers can help you design a responsive, mobile-ready website that’s as gorgeous as it is functional, and help you expand your market share, connect with customers, and increase profits.

So get in touch with Nax2 Creative today. We’d love to discuss how we can give a great new facelift your website – and take your business to new heights.