NAx2 – Ready for you!

I’m excited to share with you the launch of NAx2 Creative – a new innovative creative marketing agency and online print resource created by Melanie Amorim. NAx2 Creative is dedicated to developing unique brand identities for businesses like yours.

Branding is in our DNA… We have vision, and we bring that vision to every brand we work with. Our job is to cultivate strong, memorable brands, building your reputation through recognition. We’re versatile and multidisciplinary, using a variety of channels and strategy to help your brand grow and thrive.

  • Brand Management. Creating a brand is just the beginning. We carefully nurture your brand for long-term success, building your audience and turning fans into customers.
  • Website Design. Even local businesses can benefit immensely from a well-designed website that’s optimized to convert.
  • Graphic Design. Our talented artists create an aesthetic that truly reflects who your company really is. From memorable logos to beautiful layouts and color schemes, our distinctive flair for visual design can revitalize your brand.
  • Content Creation. We find your brand’s unique story and share it with the world. We craft quality content for your website, blogs, social media streams and more.
  • Social Media. Using the power of social media, we reach out and connect with your audience.
  • Event Promotions. We create engaging brand experiences that take your customers’ breath away.