NAx2 Take A Heart Project

452 Hearts Taken Since June 8, 2020!

** We have stopped production and closed up shop for the winter **


Inspired to start this project during one of our many day trips, cruising through South Shore Massachusetts, seeing your hearts everywhere.

We made these signs with love using up-cycled materials we had around the house.  The endless supply of pallets.  It started with the cut pieces from my fire-pit pile, BTW I love pallets, twine, leftover paint from other DIY projects. (For real – on day three, the only purchase was yellow spray paint!)

They are FREE… take a heart, spread some love.

We are hoping to spread some love around our community.  Come by and “Take A Heart” !

We are on a mission to spread love, not hate.

My boys enjoy using power tools; cutting, sanding, drilling and painting. They are impressed to see so many taken – impressing teen/pre-teen boys is no easy task!

We’d love to know where you have taken your heart, post a public picture on social media and
use the hashtag #NAx2TakeAHeart

You can also tag me!  @MelanieAmorim  @NAx2Creative

We Are a Street Story! WPRI Channel 12 News

SEEKONK, Mass. (WPRI) ─ Nearly 100 heart-covered signs that have been popping up from Braintree to Cumberland can be traced to a backyard in Seekonk.

As COVID-19 put the clamps on Melanie Amorim’s life and graphic arts business, she needed something to occupy her creative spirit and energy.

“I’m used to go, go, go all day long,” Amorim said.

She could not sit still and started looking for something to do ─ and a way to motivate her two quarantined sons.

“My kids are getting older. They’re not blowing bubbles everyday anymore,” Amorim said. “I’m not chasing them around outside anymore. I’m trying to get them outside. Use their hands. Paint, sand, drill the holes.”

Love Seeing the Board Empty!