Redesigning Your Website? Here Are Some Things You Must Consider!

Several issues highlight the need for redesigning your website. Some of them can be – a high bounce rate, thin content that fails to convey your message, and an outdated design that doesn’t reflect your brand.

Since these issues affect the success of your business, you must prioritize redesigning your website. You can experience improved conversion rates, boost your brand image, and have greater control over your content by redesigning your website.

This article summarizes a few things you should consider when redesigning your website. Please go through them and help your business to grow at a good pace by redesigning your website.

• Defining Your Goals

To start the process of redesigning, define your goals first and plan the further process accordingly. Your goals must reflect the nature of your business. Once you set your goals, identify various conversion actions for your visitors, such as – purchasing a product, filling out a contact form, or signing up for an email newsletter.

• Performing a Website Audit

Before planning your redesigning process, you have to identify what works about your existing website and what needs to be changed. Your audit must be data-driven; ensure you are not relying on your gut intuitions. While doing this audit on your own, you can use Google Analytics for generating the required data.

Some parameters to analyze as part of your audit can be –
− Frequently visited pages
− Pages receiving no traffic
− Ranking performance of your primary keywords in the search engines
− CTAs being clicked on your website
− CTAs not generating desired results
− Effectiveness of your navigation structure
With this information, you can make smart decisions while redesigning your website.

• Conducting a Competitor Analysis

This analysis will help you understand how others in your industry are managing their websites. With this, you can refine your strategy for redesigning the website.

Focus on areas where your competitors are outperforming you. Also, check out the branding and messaging on their websites. You must also identify the areas where they are missing the mark with their websites. Thus you can stay ahead of them with your new website.

• Evaluating Important Design Elements

The design of your website should meet the needs of your business while providing a great user experience. When you have control over these important design elements, you can create a website that provides a great user experience and effectively connects with your target audience.
You must consider the following important design elements –

1. Color Scheme – You must choose the colors that align with your branding.
2. Navigation Structure – Your navigation structure must enable your target audience to find what they’re searching for on your website. Choose the structure based on the nature of your business and the goals of your website.
3. Visual Elements – Images, videos, and infographics are important parts of your web design. They must connect with your target audience. You have to think through the balance between images showing your team or clients and stock photos.
4. CTAs – Being a crucial component of your website, the CTAs can be of many types, such as clickable buttons, CTA boxes, or forms. You’ve to think about the size, color, and message of these CTAs and their effective placement.
5. Layout – The type of content and the specifics of your business determine the layout of your web pages. Prefer a clean layout that drives the audience’s attention to the items that promote conversions. A cluttered layout will cause trouble for your audience.

• Refresh Your Content

Your redesigning process is incomplete without analyzing the content you already have on your site. Prioritizing content creation is crucial for successfully redesigning your website. Your content should effectively convey your message to the audience and build trust among them.

Performing a content audit is the best way to know what you’re currently doing well and where you must improve. Thus you can create and add the necessary content to your website as part of your redesign.

Are you experiencing any of the issues mentioned at the beginning of this article?

If yes, then it might be the right time to think about redesigning your website. Make sure you consider the above things during the process of redesigning.

If you are looking for expert guidance on redesigning your website, contact us at NAx2 CREATIVE.