Don’t Dilute Your Brand
Just because you own multiple businesses or domain names, doesn’t mean you should put them on your business card or in your email signature.

This type of signature creates more questions than it answers: “Why should I care about these other things?” “How can he do a good job for me if he’s got these other gigs?” This is not the place to advertise how busy you are with your other ventures.

Do This Instead – Create a landing page (one link in signature) on your website that has branded links to your businesses and social media profiles. Pick a scheme (font, color, overall style) and stick with it. It’s one less thing to think about, and it will make your business look more stable and solid.



Don’t Overuse Selfies (in social media and on your website)
Look around at some of the best brands, do you see photos of the CEOs all over on the homepage? Do what you want in the About page, but cool it on the home page.

Do This Instead: On your website – A face to put with your name, you become much easier to remember. That, combined with some well-written content. On social media – Mix it up, add in some photos of your office, projects, products, pets, family, friends, jewelry… etc. Video posts?  Setup a lifestyle photoshoot with a photographer (barter your services)



Don’t Spend Too Much ____ on Your Logo
Time, Money, Energy …. A recognizable logo is more an outcome of success rather than the cause of the success. For example, the Apple logo is, without a doubt, an extremely powerful icon but only because of Apple’s overall success.

Do This Instead: There’s nothing wrong with a simple logo. has a well-recognized logo, but most people don’t realize that the swish, pointing from the A to the Z, is meant to convey that Amazon sells everything from A to Z. Just get a decent logo and focus on your business. If your business is successful, people will think your logo is swell—or you can fix it when you have the time and money.



Don’t Stop Learning
Just don’t stop … focus on your own growth and YOU will grow.

Do this Instead: Read articles, forums, Facebook groups, magazines, online courses or webinars – relevant to your business.  Don’t forget to share what you are into on your social media.




Don’t Use a Weak Email
What do you think when someone with an email address writes to you?  

Or crazy long like … who_are_you_and_why_should_i_care

Email from a Gmail account is a tricky case but it does beg the question: “Is this person serious about the business or just doing this on the side so she’s using Gmail?”

Do This Instead: An email account with your company’s domain name is best – it shows that you’re serious about your business and it makes finding your website easy.



Don’t Be Long Winded
In-Person or Online: Keep your branding messages short and sweet. Websites or emails with hundreds or thousands of words will not be read in today’s world of 140 characters and ten-second sound bites.

Do This Instead: If you can’t communicate what you do within these parameters, maybe you’re doing too many things, some of which could be the wrong things.


source: googling on the internet