Six Solopreneur Branding “Do’s” You Should Start Doing Today



  • Establish Your Personal Brand
    Be yourself and don’t imitate others. As a solopreneur, you are the biggest brand of your company. Believe it or not, your target audience wants to see you and they will judge your service by you and this is more of an opportunity than fear.
    Real is the new cool. In this era of transparency, your audience wants to see you, the real face of the company rather than any model or fake faces.
  • Build a Website
    Invest in your website. After you, the second impression a probable client would have of you, is your website. Apart from keeping an eye on the basics of your UI/UX, color scheming and spaces, there are some major things you should not miss. Be very particular that your website states clearly, what you are into/ what you do. Ask yourself these questions. Is your website mobile ready? Is it easy for the client to read and find it online? A well-designed website can bring you the green faster than you can imagine. Likewise, you have to make sure your contact method/process is straight-forward.
  • Get Testimonials
    Your testimonials will be your greatest selling points. Make sure you have prepared some 3-4 short questions to ask all your clients and mention them on your website (especially on the home page). Second, give them Google review link and Facebook company page review link to fill in.


  • Connect on Social Media
    Social relationships can play a big role even in your solopreneur journey. Post relevant stuff: Do not forget to post all the relevant stuff you do during your work hours: reading a blog, visiting a networking event or meeting someone. Do not forget to tag relevant people who you were with, or who would love to see this post. Do it genuinely and not in a spamming way 
  • Attend Networking Events
    The sense of isolation can be depressing, it’s important to prioritize some occasional networking. There are unique ideas for networking events these days (city), such as f-up nights and marketing speed dating.  
  • Write Blogs / Articles
    However, it is a major challenge to write/create content and then promote it given the time constraints solopreneurs already face. Even if you manage to write some posts for yourself, make sure you are consistent.


source: googling on the internet