When people move to their new home or begin to organize their current living spaces the first thing they use to do is dispose-off the unnecessary debris, Declutter the things which are no longer in use any more or simply put away the bag packs that does not do any excellent but collecting dust. However decluttering is not something which is only reserved for your home or office but with the advancement of internet, the digital junk can also leave you feeling frustrated or unorganized.
So if you are also in quest to get some useful tips which can help you to manage your e-life than your search ends here..

Decluttering the smartphone:

Life without smartphone is simply unimaginable. This small miracle has just transformed our everyday life. Now people can do unlimited things by using different apps without leaving the comfort of their home. Whether it is shopping, booking, banking, travelling – all are now matter of just few taps. But with a number of apps installed your smartphone may look like a junk of drawer where you need to slide so many screens to find one tiny icon.
To Declutter it just ask from yourself which apps you use frequently and start organizing your phone accordingly. Un-install all those apps which are no longer in use.
Creating folders may also benefit you in many ways. By a simple “drag and drop” option you can create different folders (eg: games, communication, shopping, reading) this grouping can allow you to place your apps according to the specific category.

Decluttering your Inbox:

For many individuals their inbox mean more than a hub of incoming messages or emails. If your inbox is unorganized then it may resemble like a mix-match of professional and personal email mess. In order to manage it first try to create sub folders.
Suppose if you receive an email from your office associate or business partner put it under the “office” or “Company” folder. If you receive a message from your old batch mate place it under “Friends” folder.
If there is an important email immediately mark or tag that email as “important” so it remain highlighted when you look for. Don’t forget to empty your “trash” or “junk” folders regularly.

Decluttering Social Media

Tagging, sharing, commenting – that’s all people are doing with social media these days. Social media presence can be vital for people to position a strong reputation especially when you are in search of a job.
In order to Declutter your social media accounts first unfollow the person’s profile that you didn’t interact much. It will make you to relief from unnecessary notifications.
You can also download a social media manager app that centralizes all of your profiles onto one clean dashboard. With this you can check your all social media notifications in one platform without signing or toggling to the different apps.