Client Spotlight – New England Sports Village

New England Sports Village is a one stop complex where athletes of all sectors and abilities come together to push them self to excellence. The Village has built a truly state-of-the-art sports complex by providing a campus-like setting for their various activities which include but are not limited to hockey, swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, gymnastics, dance and martial arts. Whether an athlete or a family are in their place for a casual pick-up game or a tournament match, the village provides the perfect spot with its wide range of facilities.

Marketing & Print Collateral

New England Sports Village wanted several marketing brochures designed specifically for their various sporting activities.  NAx2 Creative created these, keeping them completely aligned to their branding guides, color codes and sequences. Some booklet design layouts were also needed to keep their information structure peppered with their brand image and tonality. The result was harmonious and stylishly delivered brochures that carried the energy of the Brand.

Logo Design

Logos are a brand’s emblem that speak about the brand almost on a spiritual level. It is important that the Logo design precisely represents what the brand stands for, it’s ethics, beliefs and positioning in one minimalistic design. New England Sports village wanted a Logo design for their brand that depicts the spirits of their various sporting events.  NAx2 Creative created logo that naturally represented this, graphically depicting the four cornerstone sports encircled within a community that is ‘New England sports Village” making the logo synonymous with the brand’s spirits.

Raster to Vector Conversions & Design Enhancements

Raster images are vectorized by converting pixel color info in simple geometric objects. The most typical variant of Raster to Vector Conversion is looking over edge detection areas of the same brightness or color, which are then expressed as a graphic primitives such as curves, circles and lines, giving it a sharp logo-like quality. This helps keep the image of the brand easy to reproduce on various forms of media. NAx2 Creative does seamless Raster to Vector Conversion thus helping sharpen up and digitally enhance images required to be converted to vector and  delivered them to NESV in top quality.

Signage Design

NESV required several signages to be installed in their large and sprawling facility to help people navigate and utilize it to its fullest potential. NAx2 Creative produced these signages, keeping the color palettes and graphic design schema true to the brand and consistent throughout the facility.

While the New England Sports Village helps people manifest their fullest potential by offering cutting-edge facilities to train and play, NAx2 Creative strives to provide the village with style that goes beyond visual appeal to create graphic designs that were  coherent to the brand’s voice that rang  loud and clear, encouraging more and more  people to participate.