graphic design trends

Have you recently created an ad campaign for your business that simply flopped? Have you found yourself confused asking “why didn’t it work this time, it worked last year”? 

Well, stop right there – in the fast-changing and dynamic worlds of social media and advertising, trends are constantly changing and you have to keep up.  

Your top graphic design tricks and branding strategies of 2019 might just not be cutting it this year. 

Don’t fall behind the curve! Here are 8 of 2020’s best graphic design trends to boost your content and bring you the traction of your dreams. 

1. 3D Design 

Three-dimensional design and typography are everywhere right now. We are seeing this increased realism in logo designs in particular. With so much depth and dimensions to them, these designs are right in your face in the best way possible!   

2. Muted Color Palettes

After a few years in a row of bold colors taking the forefront of design, we are finally seeing designers step back and take a more minimalistic approach with a muted color palette. Muted colors are desaturated with complementary colors. This trend follows the overall theme of toning down and elegant simplicity in 2020.     

3. Color Gradients 

Color gradients have been used over the past few years to bring depth and attention to the backgrounds of design. This year the trend will live on but in many many more ways. You can expect to see gradients as focal points, as picture filters, and in illustrations in 2020.  

4. Warm and Moody Color Palettes

After years of embracing the bold and saturated colors, we are now moving towards a more low-fi and vintage feel when it comes to design and photography. It’s time to embrace the old-school 70s vibe as this year leans towards low key dreamy aesthetics. 

5. Delicate and Elegant Illustration

Illustrations are moving away from thick and blocky to a more delicate and elegant design. This trend is inspired by the longing to go back to basics and embracing nature and playful innocence. This trend is seen especially in food packaging design.  

6. Abstract & Dreamy Illustrations

We want dreamy and abstract designs with lots of layers and depth. Simple illustrations are not gonna cut it in 2020. 

7. Heavy But Simple Fonts (Think All Caps)

Designers are starting to pair thick and bold fonts with simple backgrounds in order to create contrast and pull the audience in. This is especially seen with brand logo designs. Think all caps and bold font on a hazy and simple backdrop.   

8. Open Compositions 

Think of simple backgrounds. Designers are opting for more blank spaces in their designs to leave room for the imagination. This is especially beneficial for website design as it looks simple, readable, and reduces load time.   

Are You Ready to Boost Your Content With the Best Graphic Design Trends of 2020? 

Graphic design trends are always changing, but by keeping up with the latest and greatest trends you can attract more views, and achieve the website traction you’re looking for! 

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