‘Tis the Season for Great Design: 2016 Client Christmas Cards

At NAx2 Creative, we have a lot of fun around the holidays. While our NAx2 Print service lets customers design and order their own Christmas cards and holiday postcards, we’ve brought a special touch to the cards we’re sending out to our clients this Christmas. As a graphic designer, I’ve got a huge imagination for visuals, and custom Christmas cards are a fun way to show off my artistic flair — not to mention my sense of humor.

The Concept

Like all designs, the cards started with a concept. Again this year, I wanted to go the “humorous cards” route, rather than anything too somber or too sentimentalist. I wanted to keep it lighthearted, but not too treacle-y and saccharine.

After some creative brainstorming, I finally came up with an idea: a riff on the old “milk and cookies for Santa” tradition. If I were traveling the entire world to give everyone presents, I’d rather have wine. And that’s the concept I ran with.

For the color palette, I used a white parchment-style pattern on the inside, with a bright yet rich and deep red for the outside of the card. I created custom designed artwork depicting Santa enjoying a bottle of Merlot. I kept the artwork light and cartoonesque, yet with detailed shading and rich palette of creme, deep red, and very deep forest green for the wine bottle. The cards were printed in full color, with a pearl finish.

To go with the cards, I made custom mailing envelopes and address labels to go with them. I made only fifty of them, but I had a ton of fun doing it.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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