Top 5 Must Haves for Your Website

Your business website represents a treasure chest of opportunities for your audience. Your content must shine like jewels with your site supporting its contents. You’ll need a good map, too. You don’t want to create a treasure hunt! Attract and secure customers and build a loyal following with good website design practices.

Here are the top 5 must haves for your website:

Unique, User-Friendly Design

A confusing website results in a confused visitor, yet many websites appear cluttered and unfocused with too many focal points, flash, auto play video and unnecessary music that slow the reader down. Websites should present a clean, simple, aesthetically pleasing layout which pulls the reader in and leads their eyes to easily accessible information.

Getting the right balance of text, images, color, and white space is key to good visual design. Using a complementary color scheme enhance the aesthetic without adding more for the visitor to absorb. Embrace the white space! Your site visitors don’t want to feel overwhelmed, and white spaces allow them to let the content sink in.

Seamless Integration

Begin your website design with a logical roadmap, setting the stage for a consistent design, lining it up with your content and all the components on your sitemap, and leading visitors to valuable nuggets. From your navigation menu, the journey from the home or landing page begins. Along with content, include essentials such as contact information and calls to action that lead to engagement and toward purchase.

Integration includes adding connections to social media. Where can potential clients find you and engage with you more fully? Your website and social media sites should flow seamlessly from one to the other.

Growth Driven Design

Websites can’t be built once and for all. Between the fast pace of business, changing digital technology, and search engine algorithms, businesses must continually maintain and update their sites. Otherwise, a site that doesn’t change begins to be ignored by search engines and potential customers alike.

Mobile Responsive Design

Seeing a website on a mobile phone is not the same as seeing a website designed for a mobile viewing. Mobile use continues to grow as mobile phones and electronic tablets annually gain ground on laptops and desktops. Why frustrate a mobile user who might decide to leave your site and not return when you can implement a mobile responsive design?

Valuable Content

Website visitors want to learn, to feel, or to be entertained, depending on your products or services. Whatever needs your offerings are intended to fulfill, your content contributes greatly to your success. Content must meet search engine needs so people can find your site. Create relevant, useful copy that appeals to your audience, filled with the right keywords, phrases and alt tags for Google to find and that keeps readers clicking through.

Don’t Forget!   These two features should not be overlooked: Security and Analytics.

Websites requires the security that an SSL certificate provides, and success relies on measurement tools provided by analytics. These essential features of site design ensure that your website offers a treasure for customers to embrace.

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