Your graphic designer just asked for your EPS vector file for your logo, and you’re in a panic because, what the heck is that anyway? No need for sweat on your brow if this is a foreign term, we can take your logo and change it to EPS vector format for you.


Let’s Clarify: Raster vs. Vector Format

Raster Files

A raster file, such as a gif or jpeg, is made up of pixels of various colors, which together form an image. Raster formats are great for photographs because they hold a lot of detail and are versatile in designs. However, rasterized files limit our creativity and image flexibility. In a JPG format, for example, we can’t separate your logo from that background. Raster files also don’t do well with changing size. This can make your image blurry or choppy and reduce the overall quality.

Vector Files

Vector files are made up of layers of lines, shapes and colors that can be separated and worked on independently, then together those layers build the best quality image possible. In vector format, we can separate your logo or image from its background and put it on other types of backgrounds.

Vector formats, such as EPS files, are great for simplistic, or geometrical images such as logos, icons, illustrations, graphs, and typography. Their compact file size can provide a small enough image for a business card, or large enough for a billboard.

A vector EPS:

Your logo is a crucial piece of your brand style guide. Using the incorrect logo file format for high-quality printing can lead to a cheap-looking result and a lot of money wasted. At NAx2 Creative, we can convert your raster files to vector files. If we can see it, we can recreate it for you.