Many bloggers and website owners do the same mistake of avoiding infographics when it comes to web designing. Even when it comes to upgrading them, they pay the least amount of detail to infographics. Contrary to popular notion, infographics actually help etch the website in the audience’s mind longer than usual.

Graphics and graphic designs on a web page are more attractive and as a result, contribute to increasing the worth of the site. Just text and no images or graphics make a poorly constructed site and not many people prefer sites without graphics. For all these reasons and a lot more, the use of graphics must be strictly followed.
Proves to be worthy:
Use of proper graphics gives the impression of a well maintained site. Several websites make use of this tactic and create even the simplest of sentences in their website graphics, thus emphasizing their message and also making an impression on the visitors. These tactics increase the worthiness of the content in the site and makes users think of the site as credible.
Add professionalism:
When you add graphics, videos and images to your page or site, you are unknowingly making your site look more professional. If you thought that fonts and text was all that mattered when it came to being professionals in a website, then you are wrong. Appropriate pictures that go hand in hand with the content and videos that are relevant to the written data are all ways in which you display your site to be professional.
Why recreate graphics?
Several websites and bloggers think that timely upgrades and rewriting how their site looks like is a must when it comes to making the business sell. In this process of reinventing, they change a lot of attributes of the site such as texts, formats, layout and designs. However, what they almost always neglect is the graphics. Logos, illustrations etc. when retained create a sense of “recycling” among readers, which is not a good thing because they will ultimately think that the content too is the same.
This is one of the reasons as to why recreating graphics is a must. The simplest of all reasons would be the fact that retaining existing graphics is not really much of a change and that changing graphics is mandatory when it comes to restyling your site. Also, introducing new graphics means you are telling your readers that they have something new to expect with the site, in the easiest way possible.