WomAn-Owned Business Certification

I’m proud to be a woman-owned business!

WBE Eligibility Criteria

The minimum requirements to qualify as a WBE with WBE program administered by a city, county or state are:

  • A for-profit business located in the United States;
  • 51% owned by a woman, or a group of women who, but for an inheritance, contributed a proportionate amount of capital to acquire ownership.
  • When applicable, governing board is controlled by a woman or a group of women;
  • Top executive officer, responsible for daily operations is a woman with a technical expertise (experience) in the firm’s primary business activity;
  • Women owners are U.S. Citizens or legal residents.

Newly Certified Massachusetts

Woman-Owned Business Enterprise


In Massachusetts, the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) certifies minority, women, veteran, and disadvantaged business enterprises and manages programs that help more diverse firms participate in the public bidding arena. 

The Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) of the Operational Services Division (OSD), certifies diverse businesses and also manages several business programs that help enhance the marketability of small and diverse businesses when they bid on public contracts.

The SDO’s goals are to increase opportunities for certified businesses and Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) participants through annual state agency spending benchmarks and include bid evaluation criteria within the state goods and services bid process. The SDO also provides public access to the certified business lists on the SDO web pages and distributes business opportunity events and notices to SDO participants.